We are a university college that offers an unique opportunity to question the status quo and make room for innovation. We aim to maximize the interaction between research and education and take our students’ goals and wellbeing to heart and making their future our mission.

Our mission
UCLL is a quality-oriented institution that offers higher education, research and community service. We found inspiration within the valuable and diverse Christian school of thought while seeking dialogue with and contributing to an open, pluralistic and intercultural society.

A unifying philosophy
‘Moving Minds’ means motivating and connecting a wide variety of people so ideas are shared, brought to life and cause positive change. Our scope transcends borders, our minds question the status quo and our focus lies on the difference working together and inspiring others can make. Moving minds have an authentic voice that empowers themselves and others.

Working together
Our teaching philosophy, applied research and community service are a powerful and creative symbiosis shaped by our students, our staff members, employers and society. Working together also entails an international vision and a strong engagement with regional (EU-)developments.

Inspiring and lifelong learning
We train inspiring professionals, open-minded world citizens, and strong personalities who contribute to a sustainable and just society for life.

Appreciation and giving trust
Appreciation for each employee, student and partner is at the foundation of our university college and therein lies our strength. As an organization, we contribute to an enjoyable and inspirational work- and study environment, in which cordiality and respect set the tone. In trusting one another, we enhance everyone’s involvement and we strengthen the UCLL-community. The unique links between our moving minds forms a formidable chain.

Facts & figures:

  • Over 16,000 students
  • 8 campuses in the regions of Limburg and Flemish-Brabant
  • 5 Faculties: Health, Social Work, Management, Technology, Teacher Education
  • 18 professional bachelor's programmes
  • 11 one-year, advanced bachelor's programmes
  • 46 postgraduate certificate training programmes
  • 1,700 staff members
  • 529 researchers
  • Continuously involved in 160 national research projects, 180 service projects and 70 international projects
  • 15,000 professionals gather annually at UCLL for a professional training, conference, networking, or as a guest speaker, ...
  • Member of KU Leuven Association